Friday, October 27, 2006

five reasons why....

today has been sucky at work. naill has take one half and hour nap today and didn't get good sleep last night, plus i think he is getting in some new teeth. so thanks to work here are my top five reasons for not wanting children anytime soon;
1. screaming child in back seat of the car can only be tuned out for so long
2. 15 minute trip to the zoo because said child would not stop crying
3. not being able to get anything done (see #1)
4. when both child and caregiver have not slept the night before and child fights sleep inspite of the dire need for sleep.
5. i don't sleep as it is...

and here are five reasons to have children;
1. sleeping children are so cute!
2. happy smiley children are cute too
3. watching a child who has been trying to learn something finally get it(crawling, walking, eating...)
4. kid hugs and kisses
5. seeing your godson rolled up in a blanket, rolling on the floor and shouting i'm a taco, also watching same child climb the children's rockwall at the park and the pride in his face as he get's to the top on his own.

so i told my boss(the nanny one) that as of the middle of january i will no longer be able to work for them....please be praying that something else will come up that doesn't require caring for someone. a grant that will cover the work jen and i are doing at school in regard to artists would be great!

oh, and for annette and my brother and anyone else who reads this and is out of the state...a picture from my birthday dinner with the new hair cut.

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Anonymous said...

I love the new hair cut!!! The gorgeous photo of you and friends with the amazing lips brought a smile to my face and a joy to my heart.
I so understand the thoughts on having children; the joys and frustrations! Moments in time. They pass so quick. And one is the parent it stretches you to the furtherst limits of your & pain so intense it makes you so aware of your heart and its beats, it's bursting with both! while at times I could gladly give my children to someone else to raise, I could not beart the loss of them and they delight they also bring!
You would make an awesome mum and certianly surprise yourself with how big of room you have in your heart & being to "cope" with that motherhood requires!! Love you Jess.