Tuesday, October 24, 2006

is age just a number...

i have been feeling the pressure of age alot recently. somehow turning a year older hit me more than usual this year. fifteen minutes ago while on myspace.com i realized that i am a year older than the chief musician at my church...which completely freeks me out. how is it that someone can be married with two children and a solid career in the arts and i am barely surviving?

i know that age and where one is at a certian age shouldn't matter but damn it i feel old and young all at once. it is so frustrating to have been wanting to create well for almost ten years and feel like you are no where near that while others who are younger than you are established and moving forward. i feel incompetant. here i am trying to get the arts up and running and there are all these people around me who seemingly have their art and their whole lives in order where all i have is chaos and dreams.

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Anonymous said...

The years do pass us bye so quickly and there are days when we wake up and it as if we have lived through a "Rip Van Wynkle" experience. We are not aged inside yet everything and everyone around us has gone on, then we get a glimpse of our external self and it is a shock to see we are older..... having "slept" the time away! As if our very breathing is all that we seem to have accomplished in our day to day living. Yet, somehow we can take in more than some who have hurried through and done so much so quick! Maybe we are all the richer for it in the long run. We can take moment by precious moment and drink in all that is there, enjoying the process of getting to where we were meant to be. And for all life's success and accomplishments, what are they really, we cannnot take them with us when we pass on, but our character and love for others....these are what live on, both in heaven and on earth.
A lifetime is only a measure of what we make it!

love & prayers,