Sunday, October 29, 2006

playful diversions

so this evening i with my faithful assistant liz conducted an experiment. which of three objects when throw at our fence would make the best sound. dear reader you must understand that both i and my assistant happened to be in quite the silly mood and that both of us were seeking create ways to avoid smoking. that said we started with a pumpkin. this first object make a great thwack sound but did not break when contact was made with the fence. part of the joy in throwing things against something else is the breaking factor. so i being the creative and brilliant experimentalist(is that a word...oh well) decided that we should try something filled with water so that when contact was made there would be, not only the thwacking sound but also the psshhh sound of water impact. all we had were condoms and hell they are close enough to water balloons right? (note to reader: the condoms were aquired during a counting crows concert this summer and have been sitting unused since both my assistant and i are a. allergic to latex and b. not dating) so you are wondering how the second object faired aren't you? well good for those using them for their proper usage and bad for us. there was no breaking and no nifty sounds. disappointed by the lack of noise coming from the safe sex objects and feeling a bit to wired to quit we journeyed to 7-eleven. it was here that my dear assistant learned one of the solid truths of life that yes in deed the market chain is a guaranteed place to find water balloons at anytime of night. we purchased said balloons and returned to the quest. to our great joy and amusement the water balloons did in deed fill both required sounds and happened to be a very therapeutic way of dealing with things. hazzah! for water balloons!!!!

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