Wednesday, November 15, 2006

betty paige and christ

i watched "the notorious betty paige" today. i had been wanting to see this film for a while and am very glad that i did. first of all it is an incredibly well made film. the cinimatic choices were fluid and added so much to the story. but what struck me most about the film was the movement toward faith and the concept of redemption. the way betty paige and her joureny was show was incredible. at one point i turned towards liz and said "this is a christian film". the irony of this is that because of the content and two (very tasteful) scenes with nudity many christians would not see this film. and yet i think they should. it strikes me as both sad and funny that someone who is not intending to has made a film in which christ shines through. yet i shouldn't be ever since seeing "eyes wide shut" and talking about it with seth my perspective has changed. i find God entering into so many places. the honest wisdom of a drug addict, the truth on the lips of a woman of the night, christ speaks in the mouths of us the broken. God is present in all of creation. Nothing is outside of her ability.

as i have thought of the film more, i find that some of my desires and passions come together in my reaction to the film. this is the kind of art that i want to help christians find space for and ways to enter and encounter. like "high fidelity" is a good image of marriage this is a good image of faith and wrestling.

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Anonymous said...

although i've not seen this film, your description and assessment of it is more than sufficient inspiration for me to place it on my list of things to do. i would very much like to sense the impact upon you to any of a short list of films, among which are "Breaking The Waves" and "Walkabout." there are films that i should desire to share with you and others i would wish for you to view alone. the above are in the reverse order. many of the "best" films can be located thru the city and county library systems (reserve). the more difficult ones may be located via scarecrow. as always, my thoughts are with you.