Thursday, November 30, 2006


i am finding that all the growing that i have been is both sweet and bitter. growing into becoming the person i desire to be has given me peace. i think in part because that woman is one who is not such a control freek, she/i is learning to trust God. there is also a continuing rootedness of self. i think i have always had some bit of solidness when it comes to knowing who i am but over the course of this year i find that the awareness has move into more of my knowing. yet with all this growth comes boundaries, hard words, and wisdom. while these are good they also can hurt others it is hard to know that in making a choice that is good, healthy, and wise for me that another might feel hurt. i am being taught that i am no good to those around me if i am not being wise with my self. for so long that has seemed like a selfish choice but now i see that my going insane does not benefit anyone, especially me.

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