Tuesday, November 28, 2006

snow and grace

it started snowing last night on the way back from school. it was fun for a while but then it started to fall harder and stick. soon the roads were covered and we were stuck in snow and stop and go traffic. my roommate who is from georgia was driving and being from georgia she was not at all used to driving in this weather. after a hour and a half in the worsening conditions we got home. a friend was kind enough to bring over dinner and i began to start working on the two papers that i may or may not have due depending on the weather out come. all night i fought my body trying to get my work done. finally when we found out that at least morning classes were cancled i went to bed...only to get very little sleep.

school being cancled was grace because there was no way i was going to have those two papers done by then. and getting home safely in a car with very little traction was grace two. and yet even in this gift of grace i am tired with to much to do. i find my self constantly wondering if life ever gets less crazy or even if i just allow it to make me less crazy. would that ability to just be at peace be grace too?

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