Friday, December 15, 2006

so frustrated...

ok so we had this nasty wind and rain storm last night and as of an hour ago when i left the house we still had no power. but this is not what i am frustrated about. i am frustrated with some of the men in my life. it is like there is this blank empty hole where consideration, reality(in one case), and honesty (self focused and external) should be. if it didn't effect me or other women i care very much for then i think i could just pass it off and let it go but it does.

i am tired of being lied to and manipulated, tired of watching two of my best friends being lied to and manipulated by self-centered men. this ignorance of what is happening is so incredibly stupid. why is it so hard for us to be honest? why do we say things just to be nice to the other person, especially someone you have a history with? women do all of this too i know that but right now it is men that i am frustrated with.

it just doesn't make sense to me to tell someone you care about them, even when time and time again they give you an out, and then treat them horribly. i guess the base of this entry is that i miss my friends i am tired of them hurting people who care about them or at least are trying inspite of what assholes they are.

i am also tired of peoples expectations. it is so much work to try and be what someone else think you should be....

PS- the picture is the cover of a cd i just got from the band Augustana...i saw them open for counting crows this summer and tucked their name in the back of my head. when i saw one of their videos on mtv last week at work i made sure to check them out again. they were by far the best opening act(that i hadn't heard of or was not there to see) i have EVER seen at a show. their set was incredible. listen to them they rock.

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