Thursday, January 11, 2007

embrasing Mother God

over the last few weeks i have been reading a book about finding the feminine in divinity and how we look at the divine. there have been many points when i have been blessed with tears of understanding and ache as i have read along with many times when i have wanted to toss the book across the room and rage against what was written. the idea that keeps coming up for me as i read is that because of the silencing of the female experience with in much of the christian community and church history women have very few places to find themselves. so they must seek images outside of the body. we have lost major elements of christian faith (biblical faith) with this silencing. it makes me want to rip by clothes and put on ashes and sackcloth to mourn the losses of God's essence in our way of doing faith and church.

what does it look like to live out faith that sees "both male and female they are made in the image of God" as a lived out reality? how do we see the body and creation as expressions of God as well as the spirit? the body, mind and spirit are good greated by God for a unified experience of beingness. to uphold one over the other is to sin and pervert creation, just like holding one gender over the other or one people group over the other is to pervert the expression of God. this living into faith and relationship with God is very difficult and confusing.


Soulsisters said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I like your blog...the things you talk about resonate with me. I just got accepted to Mars Hill so I'll moving there sometime in the summer...

that's all i wanted to say.

jessi knippel said...

Thanks! I hope that you will enjoy your experience here!