Wednesday, January 10, 2007

going with the flow

last week on npr there was a special talking about time and how we view it. one of the people interviewed was creating a lunar clock that told time via the tides and changing of the moon. as she spoke explaining the working of this clock i realized how much we have moved away from the natural world and it's seasonal changes. we have created a world where one never really needs to connect to actual creation and nature. we have manufactured everything down to relationships and nature. alot of the things that i have been reading as well as the personal revelations i have been having this week have been connected to this idea of time being something very different from our pacific standard sectioned off into hours, minutes and seconds. time, like God is greater, broader that the box we have creator to view in. it fuses all of life together and asks us to sit in stillness and motion, furrel and barenness, asks that we living in the process of which we cannot control. we view time as something we can control, master, and command...yet it is not.

my heart aches to live in the seasons, breathe and space of time. to move like tide of the ocean in a rythem and motion and less like the speed of a race. to live simply and grow things and have space for creativity to grow alongside care and relationships and faith. i want to move beyond technology and fast pased society.

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