Monday, January 15, 2007

in rememberance....

it is martin luther king jr day not to be confused with martin luther day which is sometime in october(refermation sunday). as i have sat with the weight and meaning of this day, acompanied by special presentations on npr and continued mediation on the film "pan's labyrinth" which i saw last night, i find that my eyes are caught by something i hadn't seen before. that these horrific and evil things happen(at least in part) because a group of people believe that they are better than others or worse that for some reason those "others" are not fully humans that they are some how fundamentally flawed. we as humans in our sin forget our own sins and flaws elevating our "us grouping" to the elect and shitting upon everyone who we classify as "them". we turn away from relationship not toward. if i rememeber correctly forgiveness or repentance in a biblical understanding is a turning toward the other toward relationship not away. in any form of prejudice there is a turning away and disregard of relationship.

what would it look like if i even as one person started to practice a radical repentant for of relationship where as much as i could i turned toward those who i want to make other or whom i do not like instead of away?

as i write these words the irony of what i just said strikes me full in the live this means a lot right now it would mean doing something that currently seems impossible. this is not the place that i intended to go with the entry...i had another point to speak on the fact that we have in our lack of relationship and persistance to create "others" and make them lower than us so that we can feel as the unique elect that we have created the cultural and relational dynamics that exist. in essence we have created race, gender, and cultural factions and oppression. the same socitial ills that we bemone we have created and contiune to polificate. while that is important and something i need to think over more the bigger question remains.

how will i choose to live day to day in relation to those who i see as "other". isn't this the question at the heart of any equality movement? how will we choose to love those who we don't want to love?

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Elizabeth Easterling said...

On Monday I went walking around Greenlake and noticed that there wasn't a single black person on the trail. I found it heartbreaking and ironic that we (that is, white people) continue to profit and reap benefits from the enslavement and civil rights denial of those of color.

Even on a holiday dedicated to the freedom and hope persued by one man to make all equal in this nation, to allow freedom and equal rights to those of color, and to give voice to the ignored invisible man, it is still only I who benefit.

Why? Because most black americans still live below the poverty line in this country and have to work at jobs like wallmart; places that don't offer these holidays off. Why? Because we don't educate them properly. Why? Because they still remain invisible to the average white eye.

Equality will come someday. I hope in the process of life. Sometimes I feel only in death. But either way, someday.