Wednesday, January 24, 2007

safety that no one wants

i keep having the increasing realization that the world is not safe...that my country is not safe. as i read about other places wrought with oppression i see similar structure being set up here in the name of safetly and protection. revolution and "for your protection" seem to be lies that allow craftier foxes in the hen house of america. as i read "reading lolita in tehran" i encounter the irrational justice of safetly that time and time again leads to injust leadships and idealogies.

it is terrifying to realize that both your president and militian islamic leaders are seeking to control what cannot be...the heart and freedom of another. yes one is sublte and one is overt but both seek to control. i see this need for control in the church as well the one place that it should never take seat and yet it does. men(or whoever is in power although it is a reality that in many places it is white men or wealthy religious men), those in power trying to keep thier power trying to control those who are "beneath" who are under them. when one is in power they cannot see or understand the experience of those who are not, who are other, who are marginalized. male and female were created in God's image...all of creation bears the image of God yet we so easily forget this. so ready are we for power, safety, whatever that we give over to a different basis. it is easy to disregard the voiceless because they have no voice. maybe this makes no sense maybe it makes to much sense all i know is that the clearer i see the world and histories of oppression clearer is the need for relationship with a relational God that moves one towards a focus of love, relationality and the strength to be truth and in that truth be revolting or seducing as you follow the example of christ.

all of these thought are jumbled...hopefully they will begin to become more clear.

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