Friday, January 05, 2007

why myspace is for....

i realized today as i looked at my 17 year old cousin's myspace page why it is truly for those who are teenagers or wish they were. as it goes she has all the "typical" bodyshot and risque pictures. it is amazing to me how, even though growing up i had friends who were sleeping around and partying at 12, i am still a bit shocked by the sexualization of teenagers. i can remember how grown up and usual the sexuality of that age felt yet as i have grown older i have realized how even now when those realities of life are more approprete i find the actuality of it still odd. maybe it is my dating and relationship history or maybe i have more respect for the sacredness of sex and relationships. i am not sure...all i know is that i am scared for my cousins and their youthful yet blase attitude to relationships and sexuality. what will be the results of that?

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