Monday, January 01, 2007

wrestle and wounding

what does it mean to be a woman? how does this look in the midst of a world where men are favored? how can i hold God and yet allow for God to be outside of the damaging patriachial structures which still influnance most of life? what does it mean for me to be aware(awake) to the subjection of women and still see that women and men together bear the image of God, that with out both God is not whole?

i have been reading the book "dance of the dissident daughter" by sue monk kidd. so many moments through out the book i feel the ache, the tears, the yes i know that feeling in my gut but i also feel my self saying "can't yahweh and christ be seen outside of the patrichicial constructions of them?" can i see and be aware of the woundedness that cuts through everything because of the silencing and creating ideologies that make women out to be subhuman without throwing the baby out with the bathwater? i want to see God as mother and father, i want that to change the hearts of humanity. maybe that is part of the recreation process...the restoration of life. i believe in a God bent on the restoration and salvation of all, the whole of creation. restoration that begins in the already aspect of the theological already/not yet understanding. where are we working to make "thy kingdom come" an actual reality right here and now. how are we caring for the earth, justice, reconcilliation, and all the other things that christ and God encourage in scripture that is over looked.

what does it mean to be strong and kind? how do i used my voice to speak against injustice and yet still honor the person i am speaking to? as a woman what does it look like to stand strongly against a distrespectful man who degrates women and men with the way he treats and speaks of women, my responses being kind ways of addressing the ache or wound that he speaks out of? how am i to be come the kind, strong, firm, guileless woman who calls forth truth? how do i become a woman who embodies the image of sophia, lady wisdom?

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