Monday, February 05, 2007

is it possible or does it look different?

for the last few days i have been struggling with what it is to be a person of faith...a christ follower. the diverse encounters that i have had this week just make me wonder if there is any real way of knowing the heart of another or the look of God as she views not only our glorious muddy lives but our hearts as well. what i have been conditioned to believe is a christian life, seems to be lived out by only a few. there are many who i encounter calling themselves christians and yet prolificating the things for which christ called out the pharisees and many who are messy but seek to be loving and do love well in the midst of their messy lives. i believe in a God who loves extravagantly. i am beginning to think that those who want to qualify how God act and who is chosen to love do not really believe in the extravagance of God's love. ALL THINGS WORK FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.

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