Sunday, February 11, 2007

NYC here we come

this next week is going to be one of great blessing and stress. a week from wednesday i will be flying with three friends from school to the "I AM" conference. the next day a fourth friend will fly in and meet us. this conference is going to change my life some how...i am not sure how but i believe that this is a really important thing. because of some family crisis i have not had time to think about the trip much beyond the "oh, my god we are going to nyc". i am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but it is i guess it is what i needed because it is what has happened.

i have been reading alot of anne lamott this last week and been praying alot which might be the best way to prepare for this trip. i am also going to get my next tattoo. my beautiful and talented friend beth is going to design it for me. also she and her wonderful husband bryan are going to help me clean my parents house this weekend so that they can place it on the market the following week. the tattoo is going to be a version of the spiral of life on my left wrist interior.

for whatever reason i feel like i really want to get the tattoo before i leave for nyc...almost like it is the symbol of steping into calling and the trusting of God and my self.

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