Thursday, March 29, 2007

dear annie

tonight i was able to see annie lamott speak. you have to know dear reader that i LOVE love love anne lamott! both in person and in her writing she is so wonderfully human and real about everything. sitting listening to her stories i felt this steady tug to be that real with my life. no screwing about just being honest about the good and the bad and the beauty present in both.

the thing that i keep coming back to this week is that God is good in the midst of all the crap i am trying to believe that in my core. anne lamott reminds me in a witty human f**ked up beautiful way that God is good.

if you haven't read her please please do.


Kj said...

I was there too. Didn't see you.

j.p. said...

you went to see anne lammott, and you didn't tell me? she's one of my favorite authors, i would've loved to have gone (and it would've given me a break from my MiL).

i know someone who's not getting a christmas card from me this year. . . oh wait, i don't send those. ;)

i'm glad you got a chance to go though. but next time, tell me.