Monday, March 12, 2007

Will die single and alone eaten by cats!

It is one of those days that I find it impossible to believe that I will ever not be single. Even when I am dating I never meet anyone worth going out with for more that one or two dates. Maybe I am too picky...but I don't want to waste the little time I do have in my schedule hanging out with a guy who I am just not that into when I could be spending time with friends that I love being with. How is it that you can live in a large city and it is impossible to meet anyone who is remotely worth stepping out of your comfort zone for. Maybe I am just jaded I have to many friend who have dated people just to be dating. They were miserable, all of us friends were miserable with them. I don't see the point of looking at someone as a warm body to sleep next to or a mouth piece for empty complements. I don't want a date I want a friend who I can fall in love with. I know this is most likely harsh and bitter. It just gets tiring being everyone's fifth wheel!

So when they find me eaten by Marie's pretty white cat you will all know why it is so....

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