Friday, March 23, 2007

wrestling in the muck and mire

sitting in essencial community and i am finding that today's class is about messiness of being. everything we attempted today was hard and messy. debates that were all about proof texting. there was a line from one of the poets we heard that really caught me. he was speaking about the eucharist and made the statement that we are the vessel(cup) of communion...bearers of the blood. something about that statement caught in my core and created streams of tears almost instantiously.

i wonder if it is the fact that so often we are those who shed blood not those who hold that shed blood. human nature can tend towards harming rather than blessing and holding harm. being human, being caring and loving is hard and requires great risk this is what i leaned today in class. being a vessel of christ's blood requires you to become stained and messy with the responciblity and cost of that blood.

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Anonymous said...

I painted this picture, its name is "Memories of Sin". The original oil painting is 14" x 16.