Sunday, April 29, 2007


the pain of being a woman of faith keeps coming up for me. last sememster i read "the dance of the dissent daughter" sue monk kidds story of leaving the church and trying to find God. reading this book was both beautiful and awful. i hated the fact that she had to leave the church and yet i understood all of the reasons why. i just watched a video on utube called "women in christianity". it is a montage of the faces of women and the horrific statements that have been made by various people throught out church history.

i hate the fact that the bible and christianity has been used to justify the subhumanization of so many people...i hate that it has justified my subhumanization. but what makes me most mad is that there is no way i can change the minds of the people who believe and propagate these beliefs. there is nothing i can do because they firmly believe they are right and can misquote and mistranslate and bastardize and rape scripture so that they are right.

the subhumanization of your self or another is horrible when someone is no longer seen as valuble then one can justify all mannor of mistreatment. i don't want to subhumanize or villianize those who seek to harm me or others. instead i want to fight and stand as guileless as the women in this video, as the cival rights activists exposing the absolute horror of this abuse.

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I've been thinking about the same things sooo much lately.