Tuesday, September 11, 2007

you are ever present

today in class we said the lord's prayer, this sunday we also prayed this prayer as we frequently do. what has been striking me about this, is that i have been reminded of the time in my life where this prayer was most frequently recited and the community surrounding me.

for all four years of high school, during the weeks we were in performance every night after we were costumed and make-uped there was a time of gathering. during this time we would sing silly songs, do various sundry warm ups, and what ever else our chosen leaders decided. but what always was present was closing with "the lord's prayer". what strikes me now well over ten years later is that this groups of mostly atheists or nontraditional spiritual teenagers found connection in this specific piece of liturgy. i know that we would have fought tooth and nail if someone had tried to silence us from saying this prayer together, in spite of a general consensus of disbelief in what it propagates. now the people and communities where i say this prayer are all make up of believers who hold to the theological implications of this prayer.

yet i find that the place where i learned to love this prayer was high school, and as i speak these words now at 28 i feel the presence of those friends and fellow artists. as i sit in class and church i am reminded of faces, jenny, jerid, alex, nick, nicole, kasey, hilary, michael, and many of other. and feel their presence because they are imago dei, they are well loved children of God. i need to remember that fact and pray hope and blessing for them.

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