Wednesday, October 24, 2007

it is raining today...that beautiful calming northwest style rain. i sit in a kitchen that is not mine feeding a child that is not mine and listen to the rain. i feel like there has been so much chaos in my life over the last month and i am scrambling to find a place of calm.

even reading those last words i am aware of the desperation still present in how i am living. but the rain helps...i don't know maybe it is just the fact that i am a pure-blood northwestern girl or the fact that rain is like a natural sacrament to me. whatever the reason i always feel better when it is raining. there is something so beautiful and spiritual about the slow fall of rain and the saturation of what it touches. rain permeates the ground in the same way grace and faith seep slowly into my day to day life.

all this to say i like the rain...

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