Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the wonders of expensive chocolate

so thanks to one of my best friends and roommates i have become what i never thought i would be a chocolate person. you have to understand that all my life i have never been one who craves or even desires chocolate. in fact so often in college i had roommates who thought i was weird because i could leave a large amount of chocolate around the house and not devour it. actually that is still true i have a 5 pound hunk of chocolate in my freezer currently that has been there since last year and it is good chocolate. anyway back to my story of how i became a chocolate person.

emily has been introducing me to dark chocolate over the last eight started with a bar of theo...which is great great local handcrafted chocolate made right here in fremont. as the obsession has progressed i have found that i am at this place where almost anytime i enter a store that has good chocolate i have to look to see if they have anything interesting. last week while getting stuff for a weekend trip i found this incredible brand of chocolate at whole food...vosges. all of their chocolate has some kind of spice, nut, fruit combination. last night as i was shopping at sonic boom for vinyl they had some mini vosges bars and i got two...the black pearl bar which has wasabi, ginger, & black sesame seeds and the oaxaca bar with chilies. both are incredible.

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