Monday, December 17, 2007

a dead reptile we couldn't afford to loose

last night my roommate came clamoring down the starts with start news..."the croc has closed. dave's(bazan of pedro the lion fame) show was the last there ever."

now for all you non-music and non-seattlites the croc as we refere to it is the crocodile cafe one of the greatest music venues in seattle. fitting with it's name the cealing of the venue is covered in shallacked papermache snakes. they have resonably priced drinks a slightly dingy bar that is the perfect place to hide out during a horrible set by one of the opening bands. they are also know for having in general a great line up of people playing from great local bands to up and coming or returning national and international bands.i have seen everyone from the quiet ones, to harvey danger to the dodo's.

it is literally one of my favorite places to see a show and now it is no longer.

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