Monday, May 26, 2008

film festivals oh my!!!!!

so i am a totally lame seattlite who finally went to siff (seattle international film festival) for the first time since i have lived here. three films in and i am totally sold. tonight i did a brave thing, at least for me, and went to see a documentary on hunter s thompson by my self. now i already knew walking into the film that i LOVE thompson's writing (maybe a horrible thing for a feminist to say but what can you do). but love pails in comparison to the adoration i felt walking out. i was completely blow away and totally challenged as an artist and citizen of this dear and totally human country. listening to the sorry, grief, and rage of a patriot, misguided at times but still, who truly loved this country of america and wrote about the death of that america called to my heart about passion and investment in the place one is situated. i cannot begin to stress how lovely, artistically interesting, and challenging this film was to watch....go out and see it NOW!!!