Wednesday, July 30, 2008

about birthdays

so yesterday was my best friend from high schools birthday and although i have spoken to him in almost four years i still have his birthday (as well as that of one other friend from high school, and my best friend from college)all etched into my brain. isn't that funny how certain things such as dates are connected to a person in our lives and no matter what happens to the relationship that mark of them is permanently attached to the brain.

growing up my father, who had been married before my mother, would always think that there wedding anniversary was on the date of his first. this besides pissing my mother off was always interesting to me, why would he remember the anniversary of a marriage that was hard and painful over the better one he currently had.

how come i remember the birthdays of people i haven't spoken to in years and forget, at times, the exact dates for those who i am currently and have been friends with for a long period of time...and why only some and not others?

all this to say a belated birthday to mr. jerid ty fox who resides somewhere in the grand state of florida about as far away from seattle as you can get in the continental usa. happy 28th friend hope it is a good year.

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