Saturday, September 20, 2008

aaron sorkin and why i believe art has value

watching "sport's night" last evening i was reminded of why aaron sorkin is on the top of the list of people i want to work with as an actor. i love the way he weaves accountablity, forgiveness, faith and justice in great writing.

three weeks ago i graduated with a master's degree and i still one a second one in theatre/film/acting. based on my current perspective and situation i feel as if the degree i just received is basically worthless and that because of the finances it took to get it i will be unable to get the second which i have wanted since i was nineteen maybe even since i was tweleve (although at that point i thought i would get it in undergrad). as i have been sitting trying to figure out where i am called and what i want to do i find that i am drawn to social justice and art, specifically art that addresses the abuses that happen every day to women to men to children for foolish and selfish reasons. books like "warrior marks" make me weep and after seeing the trailer today for "call and response" a film about artists responding to the selling of children and women into slavery and sex trade i find that i want to work for this kind of justice. i want to create movies like this, write plays like "the most massive woman wins", "the exonerated", "good body", "mass appeal" and change the world. i don't want to just create art that causes people to think i want to see myself and others be moved to action.

how many other american's are both afraid of the actions of our nation and government in many spheres of like and it's affect on the day to day realizing that we do have it better than many nations yet also are tired of hearing talking heads of state, media, what have you speaking of doing things that "help" out the nation and it's people when they are the same people who have helped to create these situations...and we the people the republic are also to blame because we have given away our power. we act like spoiled children not really knowing what is going on in our city, state, nation, world.

maybe this is faith understanding that as a follower of christ i am called to bring change "thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven" this i believe has less to do with morality and more to do with community and awareness of others and how our actions interact with others...the ripple effect.

and i write this because i want to remind myself and maybe someone else that we can change the world because we have the power of one which can save all.

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