Sunday, September 07, 2008

to much chaos... how does one know?

i like many people i know are getting sick of all the political ads and we still have two months to go. in the midst of it i get comments from my dad about how excited he is about mccain and i have to remind him each time that i am not a republican and that even since i registered to vote in high school, i have always been a democrat. then he tell me that i am not his child and i chuckle and say yes i am just politically i am the black sheep...because no one else in my family extended or immediate is a democrat. honest to god it was like a sick disease in my family...which it is much like being a republican in many of my friends families.

all this to say it is once again time to choose the american figure head. which leads to a question i have been thinking about. how do you know? which person to choose? who is the best choice? because either way i am really not pleased with the connections of either party and the puppet-masters who truly run the show (come on people bush it not that smart). what bothers me is that i feel like no matter where you go there is no clear answer to this question. it is like choosing a denomination or church how do you choose? i know what i don't want in a leader and a church and then i feel like i am always left with choosing the lesser of two evils. like do i want a church that is open to women and my gay christian friends or do i want a church with a more grounded theology that doesn't allow space for women and dialogue?

it is so very hard to know, to really know what is best.

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