Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i hearts michael showalter! (or yet another reason to make movies)

many of you have most likely never heard of the film "the baxter". this film came out in 2005 and well you haven't heard of it (unless you are mike or bryan) because it had a limited release and didn't get a lot of press. which is funny because it's cast features the likes of; paul rudd, elizabeth banks, justin theroux, michael ian black and the lovely michelle williams. many of the actors in the film have been involved or connected with the comedy group stella, the state, and the films "wet hot american summer" and "the ten".

while absolutely and wretchedly funny the comedy produced by this group tends to cross over into the type of humor where after a bit one feels a bit wrong about (in spite of the fact that you are still laughing) yet "the baxter" never does this uncomfortable moment create. the writing is witty and engaging. like any good comedy, this story starts with a somewhat universal theme and dresses it up a bit. what is inspiring and rare is that showalter creates comedy in the story in a way that still holds a reality and believability to the actuality of the premise. several of the characters, in the hands of a writer and directer who wasn't this skilled, would come off as horrible and unlikable, where as in showalter's hands the characters are still relatable and sympathetic. in the guise of a romantic comedy this film is both satirizing of that genera and also a very sweet indie film about falling in love. i loved the stylization of the artistic elements of the film and as usual michelle williams was absolutely delightful to watch. it was a great little piece of film and i think you all should rent it. take it as a bit of christmas joy with a bit of hope thrown in for good measure.

*and lastly on a totally unrelated note....please someone make all this white stuff covering the ground go away...the north west does not need a white christmas. thank you.

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