Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the remains are making me happy!

i am know when you stumble upon something and it is so good that you can't rest until you have consumed it all and even then you are still want for more. this is how i feel about the fox show "bones" i saw an episode or two at the beginning of the year and then stumbled upon it while looking at something on

since then i have watched every episode that is posted on hulu (several more than once) was frustrated the week of thanksgiving because rain city video doesn't carry it, filled the next ten slots on my netflix, and asked my family for seasons 1-3 for christmas. so the question remains why is it so great?

well for one i LOVE all the elements of the show, both writing and casting is perfect and that my friends is a terribly rare quality for a tv show. the dynamic between faith and science is woven interestingly and in a way that honors both. most of all i appreciate that while the show deals with the forensics of murder that it is not a how can we gross you out this week show (cough CSI cough). it is a story of a group of people and their relationships and this group of people happen to solve murders and put away bad guys but the people and their journey is what is central to the show.

the two main characters are seeking something in the show, booth the FBI agent booth is seeking redemption and brennan the anthropologist is being taught how to engage with the world and life with out conpartamentalizing her self. like any good relationship they grow into better people because of their interactions with each other. it is one of those show that constantly reminds me of God and why i believe in God. i cannot say how much i love this show.

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