Wednesday, December 24, 2008

that white powdery stuff is just so disorienting

after five days of snowed-inness i think i am going a bit loopy. the northwest has not seen weather like this since the mid 1960's according to my roommate's grandmother. with all of this shutting down of seattle because of the snow and the weird rhythm that being stuck at your house creates i find that i am up at 3:30am on chrismas eve for no good reason. all this time lends it's self to reflection and well honestly wasting of time. it's like some odd form of psychological conditioning. can't you just hear the creepy mad scientist/ villain voice over "hahahaha....we'll trap all those people in seattle with a bizzard and then see what happens...isn't that right richard!" (V.O. changes to a high pitched whine) "richard? i said isn't that right richard? damn it dr. frank n' furter this is exactly what i have been talking about richard really doesn't care about me or my evil plans to mess with north westerners."

i mean seriously i know that white is a much more cheery color than our typical winter grey but seattle is a city that's fond of it's winter grey and when one starts messing with it well you never can tell what will happen. i mean seriously hasn't anyone noticed that we north westerners are just a tab bit off. especially seattlites. for all our nature love we are one of the oddest cities. seriously like how there are so many single people in this city but no one can ever seem to get a date. or how about the fact that we on the whole have a bit too much of the eeyore syndrome...i think that might be the real reason we still don't have a monorail. (they have been trying since "singles" was first released people one would think the would have made some headway by now it's been well over ten years)!

all this to stay it is way to late or way to early depending on how you roll the dice but no matter what angle it is said...i want out of here!

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