Tuesday, December 30, 2008

waiting for the right time

over the last few days God has been pressing into my stupid inattentive heart the concept of waiting and the wonder that happens when one waits for all the elements of the universe and creativity to converge together to bring something in, essence as it was meant to be from the first thought of it's conception. (speaking of waiting wow that was a long sentence).

this all started with madelaine l'engle a few days ago. i have been reading her book "it was good" as part of my reflection/devotion/calming down time before i attempt to get my not very obedient body to sleep. in the chapter that i was reading, sister madelaine was talking about abram and God's promise of numerous stars and grains of sands. she speaks of the astounding fact, El(God) demands abram and sarai leave their native land the place bound to their hearts as home and go to a new place. yet it takes them so long to get to this new place and the fulfillment of the promises of El. even after El calls them, they wander around for years as El prepares and blesses them. in fact it is incredible because El blesses them in a great slathering of abundance, like the generous mother's cake frosting coating them in the rich gooeyness of tangible wealth in the midst's of their stupidity (hello not once but multiple times of passing wife off as sister). yet in each of these seeming miss steps is offered the wellspring of flourishing life. in fact this is El's m.o. with most of the characters of the old testament, with every foolishness and fuck-up blessing is offered.

as i have been asked to wait to move to california again and am choosing to be purposeful in this i find that i delight in these reminders of God's action with and on behalf of God's chosen. it is a call to remember that i have not been screwed with or abandoned but that i am being lavished (even though at times it feels like shattered) so that when i finally get to the place of my calling i am ready and adorned with the needed elements. waiting is hard but as the old saying goes "the best things are worth waiting for"

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