Wednesday, August 05, 2009

the beauty of two messes....

i love stories about two messed up people coming together and finding hope and life in each other...the in-between that martin buber talks about. this process is never clean or neat but messy and painful and sometimes down right shattering yet it is also what pushes the characters to grow. this is so aptly true in the film "dedication", the story is about henry and lucy who are each in their own ways huge beautiful messes.

henry is the totally negative ever so slightly neurotic who has just lost his writing partner and best friend and lucy has fled education and thesis advisor/ex-boyfriend and now lives in an apartment that her crazy mother owns. they come together to finish a contracted book that henry started with his recently dead friend. what i love about this film, besides the fact that it is so visually beautiful and interesting, is that neither henry or lucy really changes that much in the film from beginning to end. what changes is their engagement with each other but they are still the same people just becoming better because they are together and that togetherness allows them both to live into their best selves. one of my favorite quotes from the film comes from henry's writing partner played by the lovely tom wilkinson, "you idiot life is a single skip for joy".

oh and i have to totally gush all over the fact that justin theroux, of whom this is his directorial debute, has proved that not only is he a incredible actor but also a great director. please rent this beautiful movie!

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