Friday, September 18, 2009

bones is back and i am so happy

ok so i am not a tv watcher and when i do i watch online because really who wants to center their life around tv programing. but this week "bones" one of my favorite tv shows started back up again and i am so excited! cyndi lauper was the guest star which was sooo cool! but the best part about it all beside the how the weekly installment of new bones warms my heart to it's toes is that in four weeks not only will i get to watch my favorite show but my friend kasey will be on the tv in my favorite show for a whole hour!!!! you have to understand that when i saw a commercial that he was in a month ago while babysitting i totally freaked out. it is a funny thing to look up and see someone you spent years in school acting with on tv. i squealed "oh my god kasey" causing the dog to look at me in alarm. this i am sure will happen again when i watch that episode of bones if nothing else i will be flooded with the warmth of watching my lovely friend in his art. so yeah for fall and kasey and bones!

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