Sunday, November 08, 2009

a brave new world...

so i haven been reading "a brave new world" and it is so frightening and interesting that a book written over eighty years ago could be so apt in capturing major aspects of our America culture today. specifically the two concepts of extreme pleasure(escapism) and the inability to think independently. Or rather the fact that those who do think independently, who revolt against the society are removed and mistrusted with in the community. the integrity of the groups maintains over the Truth or even the search for Truth. The only truth that is allowed is what is mass produced by the media and government. this is evident in the dialogue with the director and bernard...where they talk about bernard's leaving.

i was especially struck by how the media (while not a huge part of the book) so resembled our current over saturation of hype and celebrity culture. the"savage" john, is never seen by any character as a person or equal but only as an oddity, amusement/entertainment, or extension of some aspect of them self...he is never seen as sacred purely for the fact that he is. this is the most stark element of a book that from the get go is, i believe, a commentary on dehumanization. this dehumanization is seen in every facet of this cultures structure and building. no one has value intrinsic to being human, they only have value in their relation to the good of the society. when the society is more important than the individual, all are possible kindling for the the good of the nation(society, community, religion, ect). if everyone is expendable then people will die; the lottery, iran, jesus, these are all examples of what happens when individuals are not as important as the "greater good". in this culture those who do not fit in are an absolute threat to the greater good and must be eliminated. this is one of the most disturbing things i can think of....

Friday, November 06, 2009

slow beauty

in little ways all week i have been given the image of slow beauty. that little steady voice in my head has been noticing all of these wonderful places where waiting and anticipation of something incredible is more potent that receiving what is desired when the first glimpse of want floats in. tonight while watching one of my favorite tv shows i was reminded of this. there is something so sweet watching the build up to the right time and place for two of the main characters relationship. i mean there have been so many times when i have wanted the writers to bring them together yet i can now see how the waiting is better, because there will be no questions when it finally does happen it will be the "ah" moment for the characters and the audience.

this is also true in real life. there is something so important to the process of waiting for the right. we are always offered the option of the "right here and now" and at times it is hard to see the difference between that and the "right, as in best". i think i am beginning to believe that there is something so very sweet and delicate, heady and powerful about the "best right" when everything aligns and it happens. there is something so rooted in the truth of that rightness that it becomes so evident it radiates.

it is for this "best right" that i truly hope i am waiting for career and relationship and even moving out of seattle wise. it is my dearest wish that all the struggle and heartache and growth is part of the process of getting to that "best right" and that maybe in that moment my over thinking mind will be so saturated with the truth of that reality that it will just shut up and trust without doubts or second opinions. there is something so lovely about the slow beauty that comes from when it comes to relationships i was told by two incredible older women "the sex is better"