Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Broken Things (NFTD #9)

This is the week of things that break. First on saturday my car broke which actually may end up being a good thing because the mechanic might finally have figured out what has been wrong with my car for the last year. Then today my power cord broke on my computer and there is a piece of it lodged in the the input. Which also may end up being a good thing because I am hoping that the repair shop can fix it and maybe fix the dent in the input that lead to the cord piece breaking off.

In addition after prayer and wise counsel I decided that I am going to still attempt to get in to Claremont for this Fall which means that I need to write a 10pg paper by the end of this month and spend all of next month honing my GRE skills. For those of you who I haven't talked to I had thought about waiting until June 2011 to start school. All of this to say I really need my computer with all that is on it to finish this paper. Thanks to my lovely best friend, I feel like I am able to get past the writes block that has been clouding my brain resently. Wanting to get into school so badly has made it even harder to complete the things that will make that possible.

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