Saturday, March 13, 2010

Careful what you wish(pray) for...(NFTD #8)

Last night I was praying and journaling. I came to the point where I requested to get to the point where I was aware of my need for God daily. Which leads me to this afternoon, my aunt and I had this great plan to go to "toast" for breakfast and then go for a walk. We did get to 'Toast' which btw anyone in Portland or passing through should totally go to. The building exterior is totally non-descript but the food is amazing!!! I absolutely understand why it is my little brother's favorite breakfast place. So back to my tale of asking for things. We headed over to Oregon City to drop something off at for my aunt's step children and on our way back to her house my car decided that it is the perfect time to make scary noices and flash the engine light, this behavioral display lead to sitting in the parking lot of K-Mart with my Dad and Aunt waiting for the tow truck to come. Currently my car is on time-out in the repair shop and hopefully will not cost to much to fix. I now have to trust that everything will work out and I will not be completely screwed. Yet at the same time things always work out some how and I believe that God is the reason, while it isn't always in the manner I want things to work out they do. I have yet to be completely sol, I have always been able to pay rent, bills, gas, ect.

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