Tuesday, March 09, 2010

to be with

"the first step is to join max where he is and when he is ready you walk with him into the world"-parenthood episode 2

Entering into where he is...hearing those words tonight caught a snag in my heart. I believe one of the fundamental calls of being with people is to enter into where they are. My faith tells me that God didn't and doesn't yank us up out of the brokenness but comes and sits with us in it until we ask to be taken out. Also I know from my own experiences with friends in the midst of dark pits, that until they choose to get help there is nothing you can do. Addicts don't get out of the cycle of addition until they ask for help. Healing comes especially with something like asburger's or dementia or brain trauma not by forcing them to enter into our world/perspective but by entering into theirs. Looking at the good, the potential, and the hope.

The parents in this show enter into their children's world and meet them there instead of forcing them to enter their world. So often we want and expect others to conform to our way and view, yet I believe that as a Christian I am called to enter into your world and view. It is not about me forcing my belief on another but rather allowing them to show me their belief and live. One of my professor in grad school used to say that he was open to the possibility of being converted by every person he met...not because what he believed didn't matter but because he wanted to be open to understand and see the person in front of him more than his being right. Living at home these last few months has given me a better understanding of my father and his heart. For most of my life I have been similatiously trying to win his approval and running in the opposite direction. Yet being here in the day to day I am offered a better view of who my Father is...there are still times when my heart shakes from the things that come out of his mouth. Each day I get to see his great capacity for others and his deep desire to help out. While at times his actions seem crazy to me I think I am finally beginning to better understand my Father for who he is not who I want him to be. In this way I am entering into his world not forcing him into mine. And through my father I am learning how to better serve and relate to those who I am called to serve.

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