Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I "Hearts" Dirty Rocker Boys

(disclaimer i own a button that proclaims the title of this post)

i don't know if it is the fact that i have spent the last ten + years in seattle or something else but when i see an indie/hipster musician type guy (you know the ones who are tortured genius or total bum but more likely a combination of both) i swoon. i mean like really, loss of thought process jaw dropping swoon. granted this is all an internal function but inside i see one of those boys and internally shatter.

i say this because of two events today, 1) driving around portland and hitting the goodwill near omsi 2) watching the fleet foxes and silver sun pickups on (embedded, on current). everywhere i turned down the goodwill aisles there they were beautiful shaggy slightly unwashed BOYS! seriously it was like cute boy central. give them a guitar or piano or place them on a bicycle and my heart skips a beat. but why is this?

based on conversations with my aunt and friend nicole, i think i am attracted to those men who challenge and inspire me to create. i can't tell you how many times i have fallen for the artist, justifying the man because the artist is so great. wait i don't' mean to imply that they are bad men,they are great men just not for me...the justification comes because i want them to be good for me. while in the end my attraction to real life men standing in front of me asking for a relationship really just comes down to personality and connection.

what is weird to me is that for so long i never had a "type" of a man that i was attracted to it was always a case by case basis. but over the last few years i have begun to develop a visceral draw to certain types of men hence this post. i don't know why it is so shocking but this realization is...the fact that my best friend has for the last two years consistently described certain men as "jessi's type" is interesting for a girl who swore for years she never had a type.

but really can you blame me...there is something so damn sexy about a super smart slightly unkempt artist...even if it is the desire to see what they would look like cleaned up for a award show.

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