Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Note from the Desert #3

Ok so being isolated and well stuck at my parent's right now caring for my mom I have been watching a lot more TV than usual. In light of this I am currently watching the pilot episode of "Parenthood". Even in this first episode I was struck by the beauty of a man who stays and allows his heart to be touched. There is something so beautiful when one allows a truth that they don't want to hear get through and not only that to admit and embrace that truth with a brokenness and openness instead of allowing fear to reign. Watching this reminds me of why I am working on my application and why I want to go to Claremont and eventually teach cultural studies because art is a medium in which great Truth about life and faith and heartache can be expressed. A place where we can see the details of our own redemption and brokenness and find healing and understanding.

Oh and by the way this show is starting off as a really great show! Which makes sense given the incredible cast.

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