Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Notes from the Desert #4

Where do I come from? How does this question inform how one chooses to live in the world...tonight there was the end of a pbs documentary about genetics, family, and history and in addition they have a new NBC show with a similar premise. Watching the very end of this show reminds me of how intrigued I am by stories of people who know their family history such as Madeleine L'Engle and Fredrick Buechner. As much as I am inspired and love the writings of these two incredible authors I find that my heart longs to know my history the way they do.I think the heart break is deeper because of the loss of two of my grandparents and my mother. Often I feel that there are so many stories and details about my life that have been lost and forgotten. How does one find their origins when they don't know their background? We are connected to those who have gone beyond us and those who will come after us, so how does that effect who we are? I think first and foremost it is a reminder that we all are more a like and connected that we think. If we look back into our bloodlines and history we are likely to find that there are many places where we over lap. Each of us has been given the chance to write a story, this story is our lives, and with the understanding of the positive and negative aspect of those who have come before us maybe just like knowing history and having the chance to not repeat the patterns of your hereditary line. I think it is part of learning how to grow.

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