Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just not quite there...

Just finished watching a film called "Crashing" which features Campbell Scott and Lizzy Caplan(who was on the first season of True Blood) and Izabella Miko (who is in Flakes with Aaron Stanford and Zooey Daschanel). I like the casting and some of the cinematic choices but over all really didn't like the movie. It is trying to be something interesting and provocative, but honestly fails. It is like pseudo-philosophy, creating an idea that looks like it is something of depth when really it is pretentiously shallow and postulating. Why does this happen so often? You see something that given the casting or the director or the plot over view, and it sounds like it will be something good and interesting. Then you watch the film and it becomes this waste of time, which in the end leaves you with this empty and annoying feeling. Like when you want a certain food, but for whatever reason you can't get the exact brand/kind to truly fill the craving and so you go to a second best which leaves this unfulfilled hole and in the end makes the craving even more potent and powerful. I am tired of the pretentious postmodern stories that in the end are nothing but esoteric posturing and smoke screens.

I know that making a film is hard work...I've worked on one or two before. I also know that writing a strong and interesting script can be challenging as well but what I don't understand is how so many craptastic scripts can get made, especially with talented actors. But then again maybe I can, yes I seem to recall a horrible but pretty film from a few months ago with a great cast that was incredibly beautiful yet in the end failed to hold my attention. A Single Man, by fashion designer Tom Ford was a very pretty film with a lovely cast and yet I walked out of the theatre feeling like I had lost two hours of my life that would never come back. Maybe I am jealous because I would love to be working on a well done film or maybe I am just tired of being disappointed. Whatever the reasons I feel frustrated after watching "Crashing", it might have been an interesting short story but failed to hold my interest as a film.

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