Tuesday, April 20, 2010


so i have taken a two year break from watching "weeds" in part because as much as i loved the cast the show got a bit campy towards the end of the second season. honestly, does everything have to have elements of soap opera these days? anyway i finally have a computer where i can watch instant netflix and today i started season three. what i realized as i watched was that there is something of life and the gospel in this story. each time nancy gets into a deeper hole and doesn't think that she will be able to get out and yet each time in the end she is able to. my journey of faith has been much like nancy's journey, each time i think things can't get any worse they do and yet there is always grace in the midst of all the shitty things. what is most interesting to me while watching, at least the early episodes, is how when everything is stripped away somehow connection happens in a more raw and real way. it is nice to see the connection that is happening in the midst of this still grieving family. i wonder if at the end of the series this will really be a show about people processing their grief and pain hidden in the midst of a show about a suburban soccer mom drug dealer.

there is alway grace and hope...i wonder if that might be the reason that stories of impending doom are so popular because we are conditioned on the idea that there is always someone who get out alive. even in most horror movies, isn't there the trope of at least one of the main characters getting out of the story alive? we need grace, we want hope, we have hearts that even when shrouded in darkness still seek some kind of light. hope it is a powerful thing.

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