Tuesday, May 04, 2010

my friends' other half

Tonight I was blessed with the chance to get to know one of my oldest friend's husband. It was so special and beautiful to see her with a man who loves and cherishes her for the incredible woman she is. They are matched for each other. As I drove home I began reflecting on how much I respect and admire my married friends and their signifigant others. In each of these relationships I encounter two people who work well together and bring out the best qualities in each other.

For example, with Annie and Mike, the whole time we lived in a house with seven other people they were the least likely couple and yet here they are happily married with two beautiful children for whom I am aunt Jessi. What is so interesting about these two people is that the minute they got together it was like I was hit with that "duh" hand to the forehead. Of course Annie and Mike belong together they are so much a like and so balancing to each other how could they have worked with anyone else. I feel this way with my friends Jessica and Dell who have been married for around ten years. Watching them together I am constantly honored to see how well they complement each other. It is this same dynamic I saw as I spent several hours with Jenny and Peter. They seem just made for each other. It was also so wonderful to see my darling friend, a sister in so many ways, with this man who loves her and is good for her. As I drove home I was reminded of so many prayers echoed on her behalf in the fifteen years I have known Jenny, that have come to fruition in her marriage to Peter. I love that my friends have been blessed to share their lives with another wonderful person. I look forward to the other weddings, commitment ceremonies, and meetings where I get to celebrate other friends in this kind of dynamic. There is something so True feeling when you encounter a couple who are just made for each other, that when they are together they radiate this kind of "yes of course" aura being able to bless others together as a unit than separet.

On those days when I wonder if I will ever meet anyone or ever feel that ZING of chemistry again I am reminded of my friends who have found it and built a commitment to another person around it. By being offered the chance to see their relationships in the hardships and beauty I can believe that love is real and that I still have a chance of finding it if that is my path. I think Peter said it best last night something to the effect of..."love is here, between Jenny and I and that, that love is beautiful because it is God and God's presence in us and our love" Love is the image of God in me connecting with the image of God in you mixed in with a lot of work and tender care. Someday I hope to be up for the magic and the challenge of a love like many of my friends have found.

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