Sunday, June 20, 2010

what is justice? (NFTD #24)

seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God (micah 6:8)

watching documentaries about the issues of the world or ever just the simple act of turning on NPR makes one wonder if justice ever does happens? even now as I write this I sit listening to a Vanguard(Missionaries of Hate, 4:1) documentary on the 2009 proposed Ugandan anti-gay law. This law if it was in-acted would make at a minimum penalty of life in prison and maximum would be the death penalty, currently being gay in Uganda is illegal (until 2000 only male homosexuality was covered under this bill). no matter what your view of homosexuality and gay marriage I would hope that anyone would say that being gay is something that shouldn't lead one to be imprisoned or killed!
this is just one example of at least twelve stories I encountered today in a span of and hour and a half of radio and new tv.

with each story of injustice i feel my heart break. because this is not the way the world is suppose to be...we all know this deep in our hearts. it's the reason we love stories where the under dog wins and where those who have been abused receive justice. and yet i often feel like we also have lost the action that goes with this call to justice. We feel deeply but our feeling doesn't seem to move us to acts of seeking justice...why is that? it seems to be only that which doesn't demand our whole energy and our lives. we can purchase items from the "red campaign" and support a cause with out really dealing with the effects that aids, tb and marlaria have for those in the third world because it has been made easy and accessable. we worry about human rights abuses and the sujection/abuse of women in other countries, while failing to deal with the abuses and human traffiking that happens here in the States.

another example of this is the film "this film is not yet rated" once again i was blown away by the stupidity of people in regard to artistic expression. In addition, it is also a great reminder of how only certain expressions of love and power are acceptable. So many of the cuts to films specifically revolve around female sexuality & gay sexuality. Violence is absolutely acceptable with in films.

I love that Kevin Smith's top idea for a new rating system has the top offense is rape and abuse of women (ie films with the kind of content would receive a R or X rating). Through our continued suppression of healthy expressions of gender and sexuality and our glorification of violence we sublimally promote these world views. A world where women are not allowed to have healthy or pleasurable expressions of sexuality, where womens' naked bodies are not well protected but seeing the male form naked requires heavy restrictions, where we can blow up and kill many people and things creating a sexual frenzie around this imagery with out the realistic psychological effect of this action...also the failure to see the insidious and harmful nature of the so call "pg 13 & r rating" because of what is or isn't allowed to be seen.

this lacking of justice comes from various places for various reasons but in the end it leaves me sad and broken hearted.

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