Wednesday, July 14, 2010

heels (NFTD #27)

ok so i just don't get high heels. every once and a while i whip out a pair in attempt to look sexy or chic and desperately try to where them all day long. yet the only heels i can manage to wear all day are my boots (mostly cowboy). and that is contrary to most incarnations of women "should" wear. in every movie i have seen in the last few days the main character if she is female is wearing heels (varying in size and length) especially if the director is wanting to emphasis her beauty. in the older film down periscope i was aware of the fact that when in dress uniform lauren holly's character (the only featured woman in the film) had the most form fitting and uncomfortable uniform which included three inch heels. tell me how is one who works in the navy suppose to walk in heels on a boat?

so why a rant about heels tonight...i think it was watching brittany murphy prance about in four inch heels tonight that made me question why this shoe was necessary? even on "what not to wear" is the heel upheld as a gift from the fashion gods. yet how many of us get more pain that benefit from our high heels? i can't tell you how many times i have heard someone say specifically about heels "well it's the price we pay for beauty"...but is it? i have yet to find (outside my aforementioned boots) a pair of heels i can last more than a few hours in. even stage heels which are suppose to be comfortable i can't seem to hack more than an hour in. and yet i keep going back hoping that some day i will find the magical set of heels that i can wear until Jesus comes back to earth and they will feel just as comfortable as my clarks, running shoes, or danskos. these mythical heels will be comfortable, sexy, and completely easy to walk in even for a klutz like me who has broken her foot not once not twice but three three times ladies and gentlemen.

alas these shoes have yet to appear...leaving me to wonder why we fall to easily to the myth of impossible and painfully uncomfortable beauty. and one parting thought how the hell could carrie from sex and the city run better in manolo blahniks than she could in tennis is with that. thank you and good night.

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