Friday, July 16, 2010

surprising your self (NFTD #28)

i took the above photo last summer while out with my brother's on one of the hottest days in seattle. they, my brothers, are each in their own right talented photographers. i on the other hand am not known for my photographic skills i can tell you why a photo works or doesn't work but i generally find it impossible to get the image from my head to escape the camera. typically it ends up looking nothing like what i was thinking. who know's why this is especially considering the fact that the first word to escape my lips was "picture".

yet every once in a blue moon i take a photo that is not too bad. i can't say how it happens just that for that moment in time something choose to work instead or not working. maybe my brain stopped over thinking it, maybe i got in the groove, or maybe i just hit the right combination of elements needed to create a picture. looking over photos last night i saw this one and realized that the light and shadows and textures and colors all worked so well together in this photo.

it was such a surprise to see this photo that i had taken. funny how that happens sometimes where there is this thing that you really can do but something in your brain is stopping your ability to do it and then you have a moment where you are open to this blocked area and for a bit of time the light parts. similar to that moment on a cloudy and rainy day when the sun is able to find a space to come through. times that those are little blessings and gifts i want to be able to see them more easily.

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