Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hipster here, hipster there...(NFTD #33)

i just took a quiz as to whether or not i would qualify as a hipster christian...as if graduating from mars hill grad school and going to grace seattle hadn't sealed that sometime ago. and it turns out according to the quiz yes in deed i am 90/120% hipster. what i find interesting is that in several of the questions on the quiz i actually would have answered more hipster if there had been an answer. for example on of the questions was why i wasn't a catholic and didn't have a place for they don't ordain women or married priests (one of the reasons why i am more anglican that catholic) also when asked about the face of american christianity tim keller, rob bell, and mark driscoll where my only options and as much as i like the first two i was broken up that there weren't any women or you know any diversity listed at all in this new face. then there was the question about christian film and ted haggard (there was no place to say i was sad and angry that one should have to hide their sexuality). but really as amusing as it is in thinking more about this book which the quiz was promoting it made me sad because so much of what "hipster christian" culture comes out of is a reaction to the church culture of the late 1970's and 1980's. at least for me that was a time where christianity was confined to what we do and don't do, us and them mentalities. so i can totally understand how for many in my generation including my self faith needed to become wider and more fluid in contrast to the starkness of being cloistered in a subculture. i will not be surprised if our children make fun of our current expressions of faith and bumble their way through to another moment with in the life of the bride.

here is a link to the site if you are curious how hipsterific you are http://www.hipsterchristianity.com/about.php

ps oh and if we are still musing about christianizing things then i guess we are still living in a ghetto of christianity which i believe is really counter to the intent of being a follower of christ. just saying

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Shiloh said...

Makes ya think, doesn't it? And why should your expression of faith and Christianity be defined in a singular quiz/subculture? It's like asking, " Are you a hippie or yuppie Christian?" As if, one is somehow the "right way" to follow Christ. Almost as if, by definition of having the quiz, there is a "better than you" dig hidden within it's depths.