Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fairytale of One size fits all (NFTPL #3)

A conversation today got me thinking about the fact that there are very little if any things in life that are one size(way) fits all. Now mind you I am not talking about a laisseze faire attitude about everything in life, I do believe there are certain absolute things like the call to love others as yourself, humility and seeking justice and mercy, caring for those who are in need, ect.

But what I was hit with was the fact that so many things are not absolute or guaranteed in life yet many of us think and walk around like they are exactly that way. We expect them and act entitled and then get our feather and whatever else all ruffled when things that we thought were certain aren't for us or those we love. This happens I believe in every sphere of life...I have found it to be very common in a Christian context which I find very interesting and counter to what scripture holds to be true about God and God's way of interacting with is never the same in fact it is the antithesis of one size fits all. One of the most beautiful aspects of God's action in history is the diversity in which God chooses to act. God's action is always different, for example look at the way God chooses to in regard to Balaam via his donkey (numbers 22:28-30).

In my life I have had to learn this truth. Nothing has gone the way that I expected it to, by 19 I was essentially with out parents, and I still haven't had a job that pays well or that is something I love. And yet I have a life that is chosen uniquely for me by God, so that I can be the best light bearer that I can...offering the gifts and skills I have been given to bless others. Looking back I can see points where the light of God has made it past my failures and touched others. Continuing on this journey I hope to become more and more the person I was created to be. While I have never wanted to live a "typical life" the playing out of that has been very different than what I have expected yet instead of getting upset or angry or jealous I am choosing to embrace this as my life, because really this is the only life I get.

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Shiloh said...

i like this insight into yourself and into life in general!