Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanks Giving (NFTPL #12)

What does it mean to be thankful? This is the thought that has been running through my head all it just something you do once a week or is a form of whole life transformation? What does a disposition of thankfulness look like? As I have pondered I have been struck by the thought that it is a gratitude for all that is placed in your life the good and the bad (which God turns into good). It is the act of saying I am blessed through the crazy friends and family members who try my patience because through my encounters with their brokenness and love I am reminded of my own. It is the willingness to eat the awful and hurtful things that I could say because I am seeking to love. When it come down to it being thankful is having the outlook that seeks to bless instead of curse...the offering of grace when it is the last possible thing you want to do. Grace and Thanks giving are best seen when they are hard to give, not easy. This I think is the lesson of thanks giving, the sacrifice of giving it even when it is hard and brutal.

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