Thursday, December 02, 2010

Community (NFTPL #15)

So on the days I am working I have started this habit of listening to older sermon series from Mosaic ( Currently I am listening to the series from last spring on Ecclesiastes. Yesterday the message was all about community, how much of what Solomon is saying about life being meaningless has to do with his view of relationships, what motivates them and his profound sense of loneliness. One of the aspects of the text that Erwin spent a significant amount of time talking about was the concept that life goes better for us when we are in community (I want to acknowledge the fact that communities can be destructive as well but for now I am going to focus on the positive aspects). Part of it is practicality there are many things we are incapable of doing on our own. For example, it is so much easier to massage knots in your shoulders if you ask another person to do it than trying to do it your self. By design we are created for community we become more creative when in dialogue with another we aspire to greater things based on the encouragement and when the unexpected or sorrowful enters our lives the support of others at times is what gets us through the darkness.

To listen to this was for me a rush of encouragement and frustration. I am one of those people who needs and desires community so much so that at certain times I have placed the needs of others above my own in a way that inhibitated my ability to succeed. And still community is still one of the central ways I encounter life, so as an artist I find that I am more creative when in some form of community context. Ever since I was little I have dreamed and desired a relationship that was an out pouring of artistic and relational conectivity...I want my partner to be my partner in life and art. Hearing this sermon bubbled up that desire again to a more central part of my brain but it also helped me better understand how I need to have others to create....with out that connection I find that my artistic expression get stymied and stiffled. And while knowing this is good, very good it also becomes a place of frustration when there aren't others around to encourage the creativity or to colaberate with. Not having that sense of community can cause me to stop the act of creation. There are so many things that I could say on this but I will leave that for another post...

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